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    While most people try and make resolutions to help improve their financial situation at the beginning of the year, there’s never a bad time to try and improve your financial standing. No matter when you begin, it all remains the same. At Integrity Wealth Management and Insurance Services, LLC, we are a full-service firm that is committed to helping people pursue and achieve their financial goals. With that, we’ve compiled a list of some of our top tips for financial success to help you live your best life. 


    Stick to A Budget 

    This is one that we all say we’re going to do, and we’re all guilty of not taking this one so seriously. No matter what your financial standing is, you still should budget. After all, how can you know where all your money is going if you don’t? It might be a bit time consuming but figuring out all of your mandatory payments and then dictating where you can have extra spending money can really benefit you in the long run. Plus if you know where all your money is going, you won’t have to be surprised when your bank statement comes in at the end of the month. 


    Pay Off Credit Card Debt

    This goes hand in hand with budgeting, as we mentioned above. Eliminating any credit card debt is one of the number one ways to get ahead financially. While we love the convenience of credit cards, it can be easy to forget that is real money that you are going to have to pay off eventually. No matter how large or small the purchase is, budgeting your money in order to pay off credit card debt can help your credit score which can help you on many future investments. Credit card debt can be sneaky, and even though we all have the best intentions to pay it off quickly, the reality is that we don’t. 


    Maximize Your Employee Benefits 

    If you work with a business that offers 401(k) plans and you don’t utilize it, you’re basically walking away from money. While most corporate businesses will offer 401(k) plans as part of their employee benefits upfront, if yours does not, ask them if they have a 401(k) or a similar plan. 401(k) plans help you invest in your future, and who doesn’t want that? Even if you’re in your 20’s, it’s important to utilize financial plans like these. Trust us, your future self will thank you. 


    Have A Savings Plan

    It’s 2019, the year of self-care, and self-care includes a savings plan. Pay yourself first! While some people believe in putting money in their savings account after all their mandatory financial obligations are paid, you may never have the savings account that you want. A good rule of thumb is to put a minimum of five to ten percent of your salary into savings right when you get that paycheck. You can even have a set amount of money automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited into a separate savings account — it’s really that easy! 


    Review Your Insurance Coverages 

    If you’re working with a commercial insurance company, you may have been talked into paying for a plan that is causing you to pay more than you need to. Of course, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the insurance that you need to secure peace of mind for you and your dependents, but make sure that you’re paying for what you really need. 



    If you’re contributing to savings plan and retirement plan, and you can still manage to put some money into potential investments, that can easily be a great way to make the most of your money. Just be sure to do your research and make sure that your investments are really worth your hard-earned money!


    Keep Records 

    If you’re not keeping good records of your purchases, you may not be claiming all your allowable income tax deductions. Set up a system now and make sure it’s easy enough to use for the whole year. This way come tax season, you’ll be able to see everything, rather than having to scramble at the last minute and potentially lose out on money that could be going into your pocket. 


    Work Directly With A Financial Planner 

    If you still feel like you’re struggling with your finances, or you just want to get some more insight, working directly with a financial planner may be your best bet. At Integrity Wealth Management and Insurance Services, LLC, we make sure that our clients have all the information they need for financial success. From law changes and regulations to various economic trends that could affect your financial future, we make sure that we make sure that we are proactive when it comes to protecting your money. We also offer a variety of services to help with investment planning, asset protection planning, income planning, and retirement! Contact us today to get started!